Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in Human life

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones-Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in human life 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in Human life
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in Human Life 

Excessive use of mobile phones, good or bad. If you use a mobile for 6 to 10 hours then today's article is very important for you. Today you will learn about what can be the result of excessive mobile phone usage, and the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Then decide whether using mobile is useful or not for you.


Why do you need to know the pros and cons of mobile phones?

Today almost every person uses a mobile phone. And mobile has become a companion and companion in people's lives. People have become so dependent on mobiles that people become immobile without them. If the mobile phone is taken away from a mobile user today for five minutes, you know very well how he would feel.


Mobile phones have made many tasks in our lives easier. Like shopping online, reading books, reaching the destination with the help of location, many things can be done with the help of mobile. In short mobile is one of the most amazing inventions made by man.

But we all know that while mobile has made many tasks in our lives easier, every thing has its good side as well as its bad side. In this context, many good and bad aspects of mobile will be noticed. Hence if you are a mobile user then it is very important to know the pros and cons of mobile.


Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones

Many of us know that the debate about the merits and demerits of mobile phones continues. Classmates say that using mobile phones is very good, while the home guard says that using too many mobile phones is harmful. So let's see what are the pros and cons of mobile.

Advantages of Mobile Phone:

1) Easy communication medium

As we all know mobile is commonly used to communicate. Through which I can talk to the person who calls the number until the phone has network and balance. Along with this, another great advantage of mobile is that we can carry it with us or in our pocket wherever we want.


2) Communicate with social media

In today's era, social media is a platform where all kinds of information is available. From any news headline, movie, song video status everything entertains us. With that, you can create accounts on various social media and send free messages, video calls, songs or photos with your family and friends. And these can be done very easily by pressing two or three switches in a very short time.

3) Brings success in business

If you are starting a new business, you can do everything from advertising your business through mobile to online meetings with your clients from home. Also mobile with email, internet, and video calling; Makes it possible to deal with other clients from one country to another.


4) To show status to others

In today's age status is something everyone likes to show off. So whether a person needs a mobile or not, he buys a mobile from a good company and maintains his status by showing it to people.

5) For any help

If you want to reach a new place and don't know the road, you can easily reach that place by tracking the mobile location. And if you forget something useful, you can ask your relatives to take a picture of it and send it to your mobile phone. If there is an accident on the road, you can call home and inform them. You can get any help through mobile using a mobile these days.


6) To find a new address

If you want to get admission to a hospital or school or want to admit someone, you can find any address through a Google search. At the same time, various information about that place will help you reach that place. This way you can prepare yourself for traveling to a new place by knowing the terms & conditions in advance.

7) Entertainment

You can spend your time through everything from listening to music to movies, serials, and news through mobile. Along with this, you can watch any video of your choice through various video platforms. For this, you will not need to buy a separate TV or radio for your home.


8) To shop

These days people are very busy so it is not possible to go to the market for shopping. But if you have a mobile then you can shop online very easily. And can order them at your home address. This will save you a lot of time.


Disadvantages of Mobile Phones:

So we know what are the benefits of using a mobile phone. Now we will discuss the bad aspects of mobile phones.

1) Boring things

You may have noticed that when we get a phone call when we are sitting down to eat or busy with some special task, we feel very annoyed. So I think it's kind of annoying. Which does not allow us to do any work with attention. So it is better to keep it away from us as much as possible.

2) Possibility of accidents

Many people drive with one hand and talk on the phone while driving. This often leads to major accidents. So if you carry your mobile while driving, switch it off or put it on flight mode.


3) Damage to health

Excessive use of mobile phones can lead to many diseases. According to some reports, immune system decline, brain tumors, childhood blood cancer, sleep deprivation, and abnormal growth of brain cells are all caused by excessive mobile use.

4) Waste of time

Many mobile users spend most of the day using their mobiles. They don't care about time. Because of this, many students waste their time using only mobile for 10 to 14 hours a day through games and applications. Many people do not understand that the work that is important to them at this time if they do not do it now, their future may be very bad.


5) Security and privacy are stolen

Sometimes it is necessary to give bank account number, personal address, and name on the Internet. But there are some bad companies on the internet who store all this data on their own servers and use this data to do various evil things.

You never know when your privacy is leaked while using the internet. So people who are careless get into various problems.


6) Taking the wrong information

While there are many good sites on the internet, there are also many bad ones. Those who give wrong information. Many mobile users are looking for the name, and address of many types of medicines through the internet. But sometimes due to the wrong medicine and address, they face big problems.

What happens if you use a mobile phone excessively?

The consequences of excessive mobile phone use can be very bad. Excessive use of mobile phones can cause various diseases and even tumors in your brain. At the same time, if children use more mobile phones, blood cancer may appear in their blood.

Due to excessive use of mobiles, our night sleep is disturbed and various types of accidents occur. And maybe you'll notice how your head gets dizzy after using a mobile phone for a long time, and the surroundings become foggy.


Mobile in student life

If you are a student then you must know about mobile. Because in today's internet era if you don't know about mobile then you will lag behind others.

But you should use mobile only as much as you need for your studies and successful career. There is no point if you only waste time with games or applications. Because all these game apps will not decide your future.

So you can download and read an e-book or watch an educational video instead of wasting time playing games. Simply put, do whatever will benefit your future with the help of mobile. Don't waste time on mobile only.



  From the above article, you have well understood the advantages and disadvantages of mobile. If you are looking for 'Dialogue on Pros and Cons of Mobile Phones' then the above article will be useful for you. And hope you will reduce the use of mobile after knowing the disadvantages of mobile. Thank you, stay well.

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